R.G. Williamson

Independent Recording Artist
Singer / Songwriter / Musician

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Massachusetts native R.G.Williamson is a member of BMI, ISSA and is an internationally published songwriter and musician. He blends decades of musical influences into his song creations with lyrics that are both dark and light-hearted in nature. His style has been described as a mix of classic rock, alternative country and grunge pop.

As a multi-instrumentalist, R.G. performs all of the musical duties on his recorded solo material including the acts of producer and mixing engineer.
Vocal harmonies, melody and guitar hooks are the driving force throughout all of his songs that touch on subjects such as relationships, life challenges, inspiration, fantasy and the supernatural.

Some of his early influences include Nazareth, Paul Rodgers, Free, Bad Company, Joe Walsh, The Eagles, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Stone Temple Pilots, Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath, Michael Schenker, UFO, Brian May, Queen and Johnny Cash.


Latest Single
Debut Album

'Boulevard Walking' was released on November 17th 2023. With a groove and delivery reminiscent of classic David Bowie combined with tastes of middle eastern flair, this song will take you on a foot tapping, head bopping journey.
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October 27th 2021 saw the release of R.G.'s debut solo album,'The Solid State of Life in a Vacuum'. This 10 song album is heavily influenced by a multitude of past generational rock, country and funk music which inspired him as a music lover, while growing up as a teen and young adult.
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Planet ERGH is an international studio collaboration between three songwriters and musicians; Erkki Vuokila of HiSQ and Heidi Marjaana Mantere aka High-D both of Finland and R.G. Williamson.
Together they create eclectic and stylistic crossover music that defies any one genre. From R'n'B and Soul to Jazz and Rock, the sky is the limit for this trio of imaginative music makers.
The group released 6 singles in 2023.
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“(Boulevard Walking) is a really nice intro to your music here and this one was certainly jam packed with soul and heart. Some fun lyrics and a compelling instrumental as well. Keep it up!”
~We Write About Music~
Boulevard Walking - "The tonality of the bass guitar is solid. Love the overall vintage touch to this track. The guitar arrangements are brilliant. Love the vocal performance too.”
~Cherry Pick~